Vlahos Solutions, LLC/Christopher A. Kent, P.A. (CAKPA)

Vlahos Solutions, LLC maintains a close strategic alliance with Christopher A. Kent, P.A. (, a real estate counseling firm with acknowledged expertise and credentials.

Vlahos and CAKPA have worked closely on multiple projects together, establishing and solidifying their relationship during the workout of Redfish Village that began in 2008.

They continue to work closely on select projects.

Christopher A. Kent, P.A (CAKPA)

CAKPA is widely recognized for sophisticated and effective approaches to originating and presenting new communities.

Kent’s ability to shape, interpret and present engaging places was recognized on a larger stage as he managed real estate marketing and sales for the celebrated Town of Seaside, Florida from 1984 until primary residential sellout in 1996. From 1983 until the end of 1994, Seaside was published in over 500 media outlets, nationally and internationally.

The firm’s problem-solving, placemaking and presentation skills were further refined and proven in over 95 additional regional, national and international venues and initiatives to which Kent has contributed during the past 28 years.

For close to three decades, the firm’s structure and commitment have not changed: a solo practice helping clients and colleagues speak directly to the essential expectations of their audiences. Their approach thoughtfully addresses envisioning, marketing, sales and development of real estate at significant depth to maximize impact and production.

Kent was awarded the credential of Counselor of Real Estate (CRE), considered the highest designation in the real estate consulting industry and was elected Member-at-Large of Lambda Alpha International, an honorary land economics society.

The firm addresses an extensive collection of real estate, including planned unit developments, primary home communities, resort properties, town centers, infill development, new towns, villages, neighborhoods, public/private initiatives, commercial and retail projects and club properties.

A few additional examples of the 95 venues to which CAKPA has contributed:
The Beach Club. Gulf Shores, Alabama

The Beach Club is a destination resort with four towers of condominium residences, village center, multiple amenities and approximately 25,000 square feet of club and spa facilities overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

CAKPA consulted the envisioning, planning, development, marketing and sales, assisting with the successful sellout of all the 700+ condominium residences, including close to $20 million of real estate sales in 90 days early in the sales process. Firm marketing and oversight included design and placement of all advertising, brochures, presentation pieces and promotional video during the sales process.

Destin Pointe. Destin, Florida

Destin Pointe was originally owned and developed by a development and equity team that included Mel Simon, whose firm was considered the largest shopping center developer in the world. The development was initially a failed condominium tower project and was fully retooled to convert it into a neighborhood comprised primarily of home sites, homes and cottages. CAKPA consulted with the planning and development team reshaping the envisioning, planning, development, staffing, marketing and sales, repositioning the project as an island neighborhood resulting in doubling of sales and sellout of the project.

Loreto Bay. Baja, Sur (Mexico)

Loreto Bay, a public/private partnership involving the Mexican government, was an unusual project acknowledged for its pioneering conservation efforts. Bricks were crafted on-site from native soils for the construction of vernacular adobe residences, and significant energy management and water protection practices were made a part of the master plan. The sales process at that time included considerable investment in a series of launches introducing prospective purchasers in Southern California to sales operations in Scottsdale, Arizona and Mexico. CAKPA addressed marketing and sales staff, observed and critiqued a launch and presentation process for the development group, resulting in approximately $12 million of sales in one weekend.

The Moorings at Bayside Village. Orange Beach, Alabama

Prior to CAKPA involvement, the developers of this site attempted unsuccessfully to presell a condominium development. The existing on-site sales team then requested CAKPA become part of the development and marketing team. The firm recommended the failed project be replaced by a new harbor front mixed-use village incorporating a new village retail center anchoring the existing established marina, a popular local on-site restaurant and a new condominium development plan to be placed directly on the harbor front. With the new planning and design changes and a retooled marketing program, the condominiums presold in less than a year, significantly faster than any other Back Bay project.

Jasmine Dune. Seagrove Beach, Florida

The developer of Jasmine Dune was searching for a distressed development site on the Northwest Florida beaches and approached CAKPA to assist in assembling a site and creating a beach enclave. CAKPA identified a site, brokered acquisition and consulted the envisioning, development, marketing and sales, resulting in recapture of all costs of purchase of the initial property and cost of infrastructure after the first few sales of vacant lots.

I’On. Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Prior to primary vertical construction, the founder of this new village in the Low Country of South Carolina engaged CAKPA to review the existing planning and design, assist development personnel in programming and communications to potential homeowners and stakeholders, create a marketing plan drawing together elements of the physical planning, design and programming, create training programs for management, marketing and sales personnel to merge soft infrastructure into their operations, and provide periodic advanced training for Trust, marketing and sales personnel.

Town Center Development Parcel. Orange Beach, Alabama

The owners of this parcel, located at the intersection of a new expressway and established residential area near the Back Bay of Orange Beach, were unable to sell the vacant parcel and wanted to move it to an end-user developer. CAKPA created a significant and detailed planning program that positioned the site as a gathering center for greater Orange Beach. The written program helped with the ultimate valuation and contributed toward the ultimate sale of the property.

River Ranch. Lafayette, Louisiana

River Ranch is a new village in Lafayette, Louisiana. Planning and development included moving the existing City Club, a major Lafayette social and fitness club operation, from its downtown midrise location to the River Ranch village center creating civic and gathering spaces for village residents, visitors and the approximately 1000 members of the City Club. CAKPA worked with the founder and planners to create the original vision; he was a member of the two planning teams involved in the final plan, consulted development and phasing, and trained management, marketing and sales personnel to execute an effective and cohesive presentation for the community. The project has sold successfully.

Enclaves on Destin Harbor. Destin, Florida

The firm was retained to assemble a prominent Destin harbor front site and prepare it for development, including completing a land-use analysis, creating a vision and program for planning, working with developers and planners to create a master plan and architectural vocabulary, consulting early phases of execution of the plan and directing the marketing and sale of finished properties. The master plan for the undeveloped site is made up of four towered Pan Caribbean villas, each with an individual pool connecting each main residence to its boathouse and the harbor below. Individual grottos for al fresco family dining will be excavated into the hillside behind each waterfall and attached to each harbor front boathouse. Each boathouse structure serves dual roles as a family cooking/dining pavilions and accommodation for guests and waterfront staff. Dockage and slips for two 45’ yachts plus additional watercraft (minutes from the Gulf of Mexico) are included with each individual residence. The vacant site, with the new plan, documentation and completed docks and slips only, was resold within approximately 24 months for over twice the original purchase price.