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Bill Benton

Former President, Locally Global Investments, LLC
Current: Principal Broker and Managing Member, Outdoor Properties, LLC
Projects: Redfish Village, Coastal Renaissance Company, Viento Beach

Bradley Berger
Former Senior Vice President, Asset Conservation Department, Hillcrest Bank
Current: Barley Investments, LLC
Project: Redfish Village


Dan Buckner
Current: Senior Vice President, Gulf Coast Region, The Continental Group, Inc.
Project: Redfish Village


Rhaoul Guillaume, Jr
Current: Founder, Pointe-Marie Community Development, LLC

Project: Pointe-MariePM - RGJ - NKV Testmonial_12-8-14 copy

Steve Guy
Current: Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Patten Sales & Marketing, LLC
Project: Redfish Village


Christopher A. Kent
Christopher A. Kent, P.A.
Projects – Redfish Village, Presidio Yacht Club, REO Gaming Asset


Charlie Martin
Current: President, Tom Martin Construction, Inc., Construction Consultant for Hillcrest Bank
Project: Redfish Village

David Milam
Current: Partner, Dunlap & Shipman, P.A., Counsel for Redfish Village Condominium Association, Inc.
Project: Redfish Village

Allan Schweinberg
Former Sales and Acquistion Manager, Patten Sales & Marketing, LLC
Current: Director of Marketing, The Villages of Citrus Hills
Project: Redfish Village

Henry Turley
Current: Henry Turley, CEO, Henry Turley Company
Project: Coastal Renaissance Company

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